Eunice Phipps

Marriage Celebrant

Eunice Phipps is a Civil Marriage Celebrant based in Logan City, QLD, Australia

Renewal of Vows

Couples who have been married for many years become very accustomed to each others little “quirks” and quite often will make fun of each other but it is always done in a playful and loving way. The Renewal of Vows Ceremony is an act of continued love and devotion to each other and is not a legal requirement.

I can write the ceremony for you using your ideas or if you prefer, much of the the Ceremony can be written personally by you. 

Renewal of Vows Ceremony could contain

A full repeat of the wedding procession using your original Bridesmaids and Groomsmen if possible, but instead of a parent, uncle or sibling giving the bride away, it could be your children who accompany their Mum down the aisle. 

 A song with special meaning for you, could be played when “the bride” enters.
 Vows could be taken re-affirming your eternal love for each other. I can provide vows or you may write your own. If you remember what they were you can use the same vows you said in your wedding ceremony.
A New Ring / Rings could be exchanged to mark the occasion. Gifts of special significance to you could be exchanged instead of rings.

Rituals such as the ring warming, the unity candle ceremony, the rose ceremony, hand fasting, memory candle, sand ceremony.

Testimonial from your dearest friends could be used to showcase your life together.
Readings of poetry or prayers could be given by a dear friend, a favourite relative, or by one of the children. 

Balloon releases, butterfly releases, dove releases or similar could be used to mark this important milestone in your lives.  

Certificates of Renewal of Vows could be signed along with any other certificates you may wish to include eg.”Thanks”, “Friendship”  


I provide my clients with an official copy of the ceremony and any certificates that may be required as part of my service. Once the ceremony is completed I discreetly depart to allow you and your guests to celebrate together. I have a collection of poems and readings for you to choose from, that would be suitable for the occasion if you cannot find one of your own. 


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