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Eunice Phipps is a Civil Marriage Celebrant based in Logan City, QLD, Australia

Naming Ceremonies

Couples are blessed with children of their own and some adopt children.  Whatever the circumstances, a child brings so much happiness and fulfillment to every family.

It used to be that every baby was Christened or Baptized in the family church by the Minister of that religion.  However today many couples, for whatever reason decide upon a Naming Ceremony instead.

The Naming Ceremony is usually held in the family backyard to be followed by a Barbeque or celebration party of some kind.  It is today’s alternative to the Christening or Baptism ceremony. It is a ceremony where the baby is formally named and introduced to family and friends.  Most people have a naming ceremony when the baby is a couple of months old, but many couples have children from birth to school age who they have decided to hold a naming day for.  Age does not matter.


Planning the Ceremony

Once the initial contact has been made by phone, I meet with my clients to plan the Ceremony which I then write Personally for each and every client and do not perform a generic ceremony where only the names are changed.  Just as every person is an individual so also is every ceremony I conduct.

Your ceremony can be as long or as short as you want.

You do not have to have Godparents for your child, most people choose to.

The following details are usually included in the ceremony.

Parents names, siblings names, Grandparents names, Godparents names.

Poems or readings, either by myself or by family or guest.

Prayers can be read out if required.

Acknowledgment of deceased family member (usually Grandparents or special family member)

Candle lighting ceremonies are very popular, but remember that if it is a windy day, this can be spoiled by good old mother nature unless you choose a spot protected from the wind.

Vows can be said by the parents, godparents or siblings in which promises can be proclaimed to the child in front of the guests.

The child is named and introduced to the family, friends and the community.

Your ceremony can contain cultural traditions and rituals.

Certificates can be given to the parents, child being named, Godparents, Grandparents or whoever you would like to receive an acknowledgment.

Your ceremony is decided by you and I then write and conduct the ceremony for you.

Once baby’s naming ceremony is completed I finish up and discreetly depart to leave the family to celebrate.


My promise to you

I arrive at least half an hour before the ceremony is to start.

If I am ill on the day (lets face it I am only human), I provide you with another celebrant who will conduct the ceremony I have written.

I write the ceremony you want and do not pressure you into using my ideas.

I am available to you either through my email or phone.

I provide whatever certificates are required.

Please Note

Naming Ceremonies are not required by law and so there are no Legal papers for you to fill in.


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