Eunice Phipps

Marriage Celebrant

Eunice Phipps is a Civil Marriage Celebrant based in Logan City, QLD, Australia

Commitment Ceremonies

What is a commitment ceremony? 
It is a ceremony for couples who want to commit to one another without the legalities of marriage.

Couples who choose to have a commitment ceremony take their commitment vows every bit as seriously as a couple does their wedding vows. Instead of being pronounced husband and wife the couple is pronounced to be life partners.

Commitment Ceremonies are not legally binding contracts.
They are an expression of the love and devotion you share with each other.

Commitment Ceremony Content

Commitments can be very formal affairs or very casual.
They can be very serious or light hearted.
They can be as long or as short as you require.

All of my Ceremonies are ‘more than words’ they are written and conducted with feeling and respect.

Your ceremony would follow the same guidelines as for a wedding or you could choose an alternate ceremony ritual.  I am quite happy to officiate at what ever type of ceremony you choose with some exceptions:

I do not conduct ceremonies underwater, or in the water (unless onboard a suitable sized boat) above ground ie; planes or hot air balloons, or ceremonies that are legally immoral.

Ceremony could include:

Entrance of 'bride'
Giving of rings
The kiss

Please Note: 
I reserve the right to refuse to conduct the ceremony if:
The balance owing has not been paid.
If either party is deemed by me to be intoxicated prior to the ceremony starting.



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