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Wedding Ceremonies

Congratulations on your engagement! 
When you are to be married, it is only natural that you want the best money can buy. When it comes to a Celebrant, you must choose the person who is best suited to your needs and of course your budget. I specialize in writing and conducting personalised Wedding Ceremonies. Your Ceremony is just as important to me as it is to you. I conduct myself at all times, with a very high standard of professionalism. My name is Eunice Phipps, I’m a Registered Marriage Celebrant Legally Authorised to perform Marriages in Australia. Your Ceremony ideas, Poems, Readings and Vows are used in the writing of your Ceremony. Your Ceremony is written especially for you, unless you request one of my budget piced pre written ceremonies, which, although cheaper will not be a true reflection of your personalities.
My motto is “Your Ceremony, Your Way”

I have a back up team of Registered Celebrants, any one of whom can step in and conduct the Ceremony I have written for you, in the unlikely event that I should be taken ill on the day of your Wedding.

I offer an obligation free first meeting, where you can see if I am suited to your needs. Once you decide to choose me a non refundable $150 booking fee must be paid to secure my services for the date and time of your Wedding. (This booking fee is included in the full quoted price of the ceremony).  
I make my selection of Poems, Readings and Vows available for you to choose from, if you have none of your own.
I have my own PA system for use at the Ceremony. I can provide a table, chair and either a white or bone tablecloth. I am affordable, easy to talk to, friendly and reliable. 

My calendar is filling fast, check my availability for your date and time and arrange for your obligation free meeting. Ceremonies, are ‘More Than Words’ Weddings are special, and they are personal.  I work closely with you to arrange your ceremony, your way.

I know that with my creative abilities and your ideas, your ceremony will be a talking point for years to come by both you and your guests.

My promise to you:

I will write and conduct the ceremony that you have in mind and I will not push my ideas onto you but I will suggest ideas if you do not have any. I am not racist, and I do not have any problem performing an alternate ceremony should that be what you would like. Religious ceremonies are not a problem and niether are cultural rituals. However I will have to draw upon your knowledge of your cultural background and the rituals performed in order to write and conduct the ceremony. I do have samples of poems and readings should you require them.

Weddings can be huge affairs or just a small number of people. The minimum number of people required to make a marriage Legal, are: The Celebrant, The Bride and Groom and two witnesses aged 18 or over. There is no particular location that a Civil Marriage Ceremony must take place in, in Australia,  it is your reponsibility to take care of arrangements for booking public areas ie: parks, beaches, picnic spots etc. I do not officiate at underwater or in the sky ceremonies (sky scraper buildings are not counted) and any small boats that I concider to be unsuitable.

Your requirements

You must be 18 years of age or over to marry in Australia. You will need to fill in the NOIM ( notice of intent to marry form) which I will provide for you at our first face to face meeting. This Notice must be received and dated by me one clear month and one day prior to your wedding taking place and not more than eighteen months prior. You will also need your full birth Certificates. In the event of one or both partners having been married before I will need to see the Decree Absolute or divorce certificate as evidence that the marriage has Legally Ended. In the case of one or both partners havings been married before and the marriage ended when the partner became deceased, I will need to see a copy of the Death Certificate of that partner. Certified copies of last two forms will be sufficient. My Motto is "Your Ceremony, Your Way

Planning The Ceremony

Every Ceremony is different and is written according to the clients wishes.

 A typical Ceremony might include: The Arrival of the Bride accompanied by the person who is giving her away eg: Father, Mother or both, Brother, Uncle, Good Friend or No one.
Processional: Bride and her attendants walk to join the Groom who is already waiting accompanied by his attendants. A favourite song might be played here.
The Giving Away of the Bride by Father or chosen persons.

Vows of Affirmation otherwise known as the Asking.

Reading or Poem by myself or by a guest. A prayer if requested, or a singer performs a song of special significance if requested. 

The vows: the Bride and Groom may choose to say their own vows to one another or they can repeat after me, vows they have chosen. NB: In every marriage ceremony I perform there are words that by Legal Requirement I must say to make a Marriage Legal and Binding.
The giving of rings. It is tradition to give rings and not a legal requirement. Some couples prefer that only the Bride receives a ring while most couples have rings for both the Bride and the Groom. 
The pronouncing of Husband and Wife and the Kiss, Signing of the register 
The formal introduction of the Newly Married Couple as Mr and Mrs.

Conclusion I thank the Guests for attending on behalf of the Bride and Groom and give a brief explanation of what is to happen next EG: Guests congratulate the Couple, Refreshments for guests while official photographs are taken. Information about the Reception (where, when) Any other thanks requested.

The Ceremony can be as short or as long as the couple desire. "Special moments in your life become memorble when you share them with the people you love"

Intimate Registry style weddings similar to the registry but  with me as your celebrant and in your own surroundings
I am more than happy to marry a couple who only want their witnesses there with them.  The minimum number of people required for a wedding is 5.  The couple, their witnesses and the celebrant.  For around the same price as a registry wedding you can choose your time, date, and special place, which is so much nicer than an office.  



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